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Dansk Demografisk Forening | Danish Demographic Society

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Generalforsamling 2022

Minutes General Assembly in the Danish Demographic Society.
October 7th, 2022

The General Assembly was held online on October 7th, 2022, starting at 2pm. The agenda followed the statutes of the association:

1. Election of a conductor

The board suggested that Lene Tølbøll (LT), chairman, took the task as conductor. The General Assembly consented.

LT noted that the invitation to the general assembly is according to the statutes to be sent to members of the society at least 14 days prior to the general assembly. The invitation was sent to all previous and new members on September 22nd and thus in due time.

2. The chairman’s report

The last General Assembly was held in June 2017. There were at this point, no candidates for the election of board members. Consequently, we announced a meeting in October 2017, consisting of a presentation and an Extraordinary General Assembly with ‘Election of the board of directors’ as the only item on the agenda. The meeting was however cancelled as no one registered for the event. After the last general assembly, the board thus only consisted of Lene Tølbøll as chairman. Vibeke Jakobsen who served as treasurer up until this point agreed to keep this task until it was possible to find another solution.

There have been no other activities hereafter.

No membership fees have been charged during the period.

It has thus been a very long time since there have been activities in the Danish Demographic Society. It is our impression that it will require commitment from both a new board and from members if we are to revive our association.

There were no comments to the report

3. Treasurer’s report

Vibeke Jakobsen, treasurer, gave a statement on the books.

Demografisk Forening
21. juni 2017 – 7. oktober 2022
Kontingenter 0,00
Indtægter, i alt 0,00
Generalforsamling 2017 2.706,33
Kontingent, Sex & samfund 2017–2019 1.500,00
Domæne 2.250,74
Gebyrer 2.250,22
Udgifter, i alt 8.707,29
Likvider, 21.06.17: 11.836,11
Periodens resultat: −8.707,29
Regulering 0,22
Likvider, 07.10.22: 3.129,04

The report has not been signed by the auditor. LT will try to reach the last elected auditor. The last elected auditor is Vibeke Jakobsen, but she has served as treasurer.

There were no comments to the report

4. Determining the quota

The board suggested a membership fee of 500 DKR annually and 200 DKR for student membership. The General Assembly consented.

The board was recommended to discuss the possibility of institutional memberships and change the statutes accordingly.

5. Processing of any present proposal

The board had not received any proposal prior to the general assembly

6. Election of chairman

For all elections, the period is one year. Silvia Rizzi was elected.

7. Election of the board of directors

The general assembly used §8 in the statutes to increase the number of board members by two.

The following was elected and approved:

  • Jesus Adrian Alvarez from ATP,
  • Lisbeth Harbo from Statistics Denmark,
  • Ilya Kashnitsky from CPop/SDU,
  • Peter Fallesen from ROCKWOOL Foundation,
  • Cosmo Strozza from CPop/SDU.

8. Election of auditors

Lene Tølbøll was elected as auditor. Jana Vobecka was elected as alternate.

9. Any other business

Next steps:

  • October 2022 meeting between Lene, Vibeke and Silvia to organize the transfer (website credentials, bank account, etc.);
  • November 2022 update of the website and board meeting; Kick-off meeting of the society will be in Q1 2023;
  • General Assembly once a year.